Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Oh well, stiff shit!

This today from The Australian.
"Mr Howard's lead of 22 points is the biggest over the Opposition Leader since Mr Latham's first weekend in the post after succeeding Mr Crean as ALP leader.

Since March this year, when Mr Latham virtually equalled Mr Howard as preferred prime minister - 42 per cent against 43 per cent - Mr Latham's support has steadily declined by 10 points to 32 per cent.

Satisfaction with the way Mr Latham is doing his job as Opposition Leader has been erratic but also trending down since his record high of 66 per cent in March. Last weekend it slipped to 54 per cent, down from 57 per cent.

Mr Howard's satisfaction generally has been climbing incrementally since March and a rise of three points to 57per cent last weekend is his highest since Mr Latham became Labor leader."

When will Mr Latham learn that we want to see SOME COSTED POLICIES before anyone will believe his crap. Come on, don't be shy. Tell us how we will be better off with Gough MkII.

A bit more on the Knacker Lacker from Tex at Whacking Day. "While the government's budget was a mass of wasteful electoral bribes, Labor's budget response bordered on the insane. Latham is somehow going to A) cut taxes even deeper, B) spend more on everything, C) start a Coast Guard service, D) sign the Kyoto protocol, while still keeping the budget in surplus."

More froth and bubble from the ALP. Substance please, substance!

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