Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Wheels fall off bandwagon!

Oh well, stiff shit!
We can all go back to being ignorant bastards regarding soccer again now that the Aussies have been beaten in the second round. I'm not a huge fan of the soccer so I didn't watch the game but I saw that penalty on the morning news and it did seem a bit soft. The "dive" is an area of soccer that really needs to be addressed. It's downright embarassing. I watched the Brisbane vs Melbourne rugby league match on the weekend. Sam Thaiday copped a full-blast forearm to the face and still got up and played the ball. Now that's a game!

It has been a genuine achievement to get as far as we did but I get the shits with all the folks who suddenly became soccer experts the minute the tournament started. It's nearly as bad as the bloody Melbourne Cup! Suddenly every bastard is a "fine judge of horseflesh" and starts speaking like Johnny Tapp.