Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Stick that up your freckle soccer!

I have about as much credibility as John Edward.

I know. I tipped a NSW win by 10 points and we got done. The thing that keeps me sane is that... even as a supporter of the losing team... I can still say that was better than a bloody soccer match.

Queensland were deserved winners. No complaints from me.

Go the mighty Blues!

Gibbos tip: NSW to win tonight by about 10 points.

Either way, much frivolity and amber fluid will be enjoyed at the Casa del Gibbo.

North Koreans have No Dong

Yeah I know it's corny... but I laughed.

North Korea have apparently test fired six missiles today including the short range "NoDong" and the long range "Taepodong 2". That is, if you count a 40 second flight as long range!

The Taepodong 2 is reported to be able to reach the U.S. or Australia... if we can get either of those countries within 40 seconds flying time of North Korea.

The NoDong is reported to make your willy fall off upon detonation.