Friday, July 16, 2004

Labors' Dirt Unit

Busted! Those sly pricks at the ALP have been caught out with their own dirt unit.

"A SYDNEY public relations firm with links to the Labor Party has taken responsibility for a contentious website critical of Prime Minister John Howard.The website,, had been falsely registered by a group or person going by the name "ABC DEF", but has now been authorised by Manly-based Springboard Australia Pty Ltd.
Its director Tim Grau, was a policy adviser to former Queensland Labor premier Wayne Goss and a senior political and communications adviser to the Keating government attorney-general, Michael Lavarch."

After squealing like stuck pigs about non-existant dirt units, the truth finally is exposed. I don't normally resort to "language" here but... Fuckin' hypocritical cunts! Fuck off and die!
There, now that I have that off my chest, where do these mongrel bastards get off? Basically, anything that they accuse the Government of, they are probably doing themselves. They think the rest of the world is like them so if they have a dirt unit, Johnny must too.  Stands to reason, eh?
I saw the same shite out of Michael Moores gob this week too. He accuses Bush of propagating an atmosphere of fear via non-existant terrorist threats in order to prop up their immoral regime. Well.. I accuse him of exactly the same shit. The whole green/left movement is based on scaring the world into submission with lies like Global Warming etc.
A pox on them all!

Friday, July 09, 2004

The Trouble With Mark

"The trouble with Mark
The most likely outcome of the next federal election is an increased majority for the Howard government. This may or may not involve a two party preferred swing to the Coalition. (Perhaps even a small swing to Labor.)
Here's the problem with Latham: he's a strategist, not a communicator. Knows the value of a multi-faceted brand-name and the need to construct an alluring picture, to let punters join the dots and feel involved.
Comes up with effective five second six o'clock news grabs. But at anything longer or more substantial he is flat, uninspiring and evasive. He can't present - let alone defend - a policy or stance. And he has difficulty reconciling his party's inclinations with his own."

This site, while quite left leaning, has some very interesting theories on the upcoming election. Check it out for more.

I think that this weeks efforts have really made people stop & think about whether Back Flip Boy is a genuine contender. It's all well and good to say "anyone but Howard". The trouble is it ain't necessarily so. A lot of us still remember 17% interest rates and 11% unemployment. Mark has not responded well this week for a guy who can dish out great steaming gobfuls of his own. One thing Aussies don't like is a bully. All well and good if you can take some back, but when you turn to water at the very first sign of criticism, well...

Monday, July 05, 2004

Back Flip Boy = Frilly Girls Blouse

Apparently "Iron Mark" was close to tears today after the Sunday programs half-hearted expose. I watched it, and to be honest, there wasn't too much in there that I thought warranted much of a fuss. Lets face it, how many people can say that they grew up in Green Valley and hadn't been in a fight? I grew up not far from Mr Latham and attended the same high school as him and I must admit to being involved in a punch up or two, although I've never beaten up an old bloke.
Where I think they got traction was in his dealings with Liverpool Council. I believe that anyone who looks even slightly will find enough "bad form" to really get a story up. It strikes me as odd that the team who brought you the Oasis Affair in all its' glory, the Silly Moaning Herald, aren't interested in having another quiet dig around Liverpool Council regarding Mark.
The real story for me was how Back Flip Boy handled it himself. Not well! After an absolute dream run from the Aus media since being elected, he turns to water at the very first negative story. Weak as piss mark, weak as piss! I thought you were some kind of "bovver boy" who was fearless. Or is that only under parliamentary priviledge?
You are nothing but a frilly girls blouse.