Thursday, June 10, 2004

Back Flip Boy part 4

Our glorius opposition, Mr Flip-Flop, has struck again.

[I]"commit myself to this great national purpose: reinventing and revitalising our democracy, opening up greater public participation, cleaning out the excesses of the political system, governing for the people, not the powerful."

Well, that was before....

Now, he has decided that democracy isn't all that important and has "parachuted" Peter Garret into a safe labor seat.

Word is though.. the parachute may not open in time!

These gems from big Pete:
"it is essential to imbue democracy with the spirit of a robust civil society where the community, not only those capable of marshalling power or public opinion, plays an active role".

"I don't have any inclination to get back out on the campaign trail. My perspective now is that politics doesn't really change that much."

"I would [run again] but I would only want to do it if a lot of people wanted me to, because it's a dog's life surrounded by hypocrites and drunks. It's no way to spend the rest of your working life."

After the first two albums, it was all shite.

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