Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Anyone but the greens

I would rather see Paul Keating back as PM or stick pins in my eyes than to see the greens hold any sort of power whatsoever. During the last election a very strange thing happened and Bob "Droopy Dawg" Brown and his dreadlocked ferals were not happy at all. Put simply, some of their whacky policies were actually held up for public scrutiny.

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Graphic used in the 2004 campaign

This doesn't sit well with the greens as they feel that they are elites who know better than the average pleb and should not have to be subjected to the humiliation of mere mortals questioning there crazy policies. Well, it seems that the greens are coming under renewed scrutiny with the launch of a new site called Greens Watch. It's new but looks alright so-far. Call in, check it out and join in the fun!

(Hat tip to Iain Hall)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Vote 1 - Kevin Rudd

I'm nothing if not a realist. For a while now I've been a John Howard supporter but this Kevin Rudd bloke just looks better and better every day. Let's have a quick look at just some of the major improvements that Big Kev will make once he's got his mob in power.
  • Groceries will be cheaper
  • Petrol will be cheaper
  • Interest rates will never go up again
  • There will be more child-care places
  • Housing will be more affordable
  • Productivity is going up
  • Wages are going up
  • No-one will ever be unfairly dismissed ever again.
  • Unemployment rates will go down
  • He's going to fix climate change and return us to that nice predictable climate we had when we were kids
  • He's going to withdraw our troops from Iraq, returning the place to its former glory as the "utopia of the middle east"
  • No more "skills shortages"

Let's face it... add to that list Rolling back the GST, Medicare Gold and making sure that no Australian child lives in poverty after 1990 and I think we've got our winner! Not bad for a boy who lived in a car, eh?