Sunday, February 29, 2004

We Squeaked Home By 1.
Man, what a game. Parramatta got home by 1 point in a great game of footy last night. The only thing more entertaining than the game was the parochial Wests crowd. Both teams played quite well for this early in the season & I was particularly happy with our defence which seems to have improved. Now all we need to do is to learn how to score a bit more often. We had far too many chances that we just didn't capitalise on. Anyway, for a team with three of its' big guns missing (Hindmarsh, Wagon & Grothe), I think we did well.
How do we survive the summer without Rugby League? Yeah, I know. We watch Cricket. I really think that Cricket & League should be year round sports. Maybe this is something that else that NackerLacker Latham can promise to fix when he becomes the Prime Mincer(Bwaa haaa haa).

Friday, February 27, 2004

World Domination Starts Here.
Your online source for everything evil. The Villian Supply Company.
I'm thinking of buying a Skull Cave for my new Corporate Headquarters.
Go You Good Things.
The mighty Eels are on a winning streak unheard of in recent times. 1 in a row!!!!

Get along to Campbelltown Stadium this Saturday & watch them wallop the Tigers. Yee hah.
Stop Unwanted Mind Control Now!
All you need is the "AFDB" (Aluminium Foil Deflector Beanie)

Friday, February 20, 2004

From the EvilPundit...
Latham's wedge politics
According to Triplejay news, opposition leader Mark Latham has played the race card in his campaign to become Prime Minister. He has promised, if elected, to apologise to the so-called "stolen generations" of Aborigines for largely imaginary offences committed against them.

By promising this, he is trying to drive a wedge between Aboriginal Australians and other Australians. He is trying to portray one part of our community as guilty of some unproven offence, and the other part as victims, based entirely on their ethnic heritage.

The Labor Party has once again brought divisive racial politics into an election.
I wish I had written this.
From The Novocastria Blog.
Who's Racist?
Take a look at this poster over at Protest Warrior. It's funny and thought provoking, and it's a neat reminder that sometimes, the worst sort of racism can come from the Left.

Well, I decided to do my own, Australian version:

White Racists, Vote for the Left!!!

- We oppose Free Trade with other countries. Keep Australian Jobs for Australian workers. Why should those dirty Pakis and greasy Wogs earn a minimum wage doing jobs for Australian companies when they could be earning nothing at all? They don't deserve a cent!

- For over fifty years, Unions have proudly supported the White Australia policy, fearful of ethnic workers willing to work for lower wages (the White Australia policy was effectively ended by the Liberal Government of Harold Holt!)

- Mandatory Detention of Illegal Immigrants: another great Labor party initiative!

- By opposing development wherever and whenever we see it, we hope to keep unsightly lower-class ethnics out of gentrified White suburbs.

- We properly recognise Aborigines as inferior, and in need of special help ie, Abstudy, Affirmative Action.

- Aborigines were made full citizens of Australia in 1962: another Liberal party mistake! Since then, however, successive Labor governments have been working to keep Aboriginal culture separate from White culture, thus denying them the many benefits of full citizenship!

- The Labor party continues to support meaningless symbolic causes like "Reconciliation" so that we will not have to do anything for the practical betterment of the blacks. That'll keep 'em in theirplace.

Well Said.
Go the Mighty EELS in 2004.

I read today that my beloved Parrammatta Eels will use a new, lightweight jersey this year.

THE Parramatta Eels will wear a revolutionary stay-cool football jumper this season that took nine years to develop and weighs just 280 grams.

"The recent trend has been for clubs to have the snugger-fitting jerseys," said Eels coach Brian Smith.
"This probably goes to the next level."

Lets hope it takes the footy to a new level too!!!!!

Upcoming Trials
Parramatta Eels Head Coach Brian Smith has today named his side to take on the Warriors in Saturday nights (21 February) trial match at Carrara Stadium on the Gold Coast.

Ronald McDonald House at Westmead and the Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation will be the big winners when the Parramatta Eels and the Wests Tigers do battle in the second annual Charity Challenge match at Campbelltown Stadium on Saturday 28 February.

Get along too some games this year and support the lads.
Aiden Ridgeway, Give Yourself an Uppercut!

The death of any child is a tragedy. No question, but the crap that has gone on in Redfern since that young boy impaled himself last week is really starting to give me the shits.
In this mornings' Silly Moaning Herald we now have this rubbish:

Australian Democrats Senator Aden Ridgeway spoke of TJ as a martyr, saying: "Let's not persecute and kill a person because they made mistakes."

For a start, nobody KILLED this kid, he was a serial criminal who was running from cops who weren't even chasing him.
Secondly, he is no matyr.

Senator Ridgeway called on police not to arrest Sunday night's rioters, saying that he was "tired of too many young [Aboriginal] people ending up in prison".

Now we have him saying that people should be arrested or let go depending on their race. Gee, I thought that racism was illegal in Australia.
Frankly, I'm tired of seeing so many young Aboriginals in jail too. Really sick of it. But this is their destiny while ever thay are listening to the idiots that pass for "Community Leaders" or "Elders". Bloody Hell, get your act together and contribute the the improvement of these kids' lives or piss off!

Community elder Kevin Smith blamed TJ's alleged crimes on European colonialism, which had replaced a "co-operative system" with a lifestyle built around "alcohol and greed".

Who are you Kevin Smith? How did you become a Community Elder? Who voted for you?
It must be awesome to be able to blame all of ones' problems on "European Colonialism"
Wake up to yourself you goose. Your people are living worse than pigs because they follow stupid idiots like you. All you have to offer them is excuse after excuse why they are downtrodden.

"It was his [Thomas's] need to survive that thrust him into circumstances he wasn't to know . . . if Christ died for all of us, TJ died for this Block."

Like I said at the start, any kids' death is a tragedy but this is just making me angrier by the day.

Thursday, February 19, 2004

Welcome to Gibbo's Place.
I'm still not really sure what I'm going to post here but that's what makes it interesting!
Call in occasionally & don't be scared to let me know what you think.

Cheers, Gibbo