Friday, June 11, 2004

Back Flip Boy part 5

Remember when back flip boy was going to bring the troops home by Christmas?
Well... that was then.

This is now.
"A Labor government would consider leaving troops in Iraq to protect diplomats, federal Opposition Leader Mark Latham said today.

Mr Latham has previously outlined a timetable for Australia's withdrawal from Iraq under a Labor government, saying he hopes to bring soldiers back by Christmas."

I think we can expect much more of this now that he has a "sidekick" who chipped in with his own demonstration of the back flip with pike

"PETER GARRETT: It is our intention to give 12 months notice of termination of the above agreement on the 19th day of October 1986."
Ahh... but that was then.

This is now.
"PETER GARRETT: I don’t believe that Pine Gap should be closed. I'm fully prepared to accept the position that Labor has taken. There is no doubt about it, that it is the threat of terrorism and the intelligence that we can gather from terrorism that is now one of the primary and most important things that Australia, in terms of our national security, needs to consider."

Like all good sidekicks, he needs a catchy(but subserviant) name. Pity that Cato is taken. I think it should contain inferences that he is actually Mark Lathams' missing testicle. Like "The Pine Nut" or similar.
All suggestions welcome.


Anonymous said...

Mate, thanks for the link. Personally I think Garrett should henceforth be known as Peter Parrot. The chances of fuck-knuckle having an original idea that makes sense is now completely beyond him. The real world finally caught up to Peter. No voting, fuzzy memory, bullshit answers to straight questions. It's all gonna come crashing down around his highly visible ears. Keep up the good work. Chief Bastard.

Gibbo said...

Thanks to you for your link and your comments.
I like Peter Parrot, Peter Pike and Gringo Garrett and of course, The Pine Nut.

Time will tell.