Thursday, June 24, 2004

Back Flip Boy Part 6

I knew they wouldn't let me down.

"After more than two years of fierce opposition, the ALP yesterday decided to support the government's decision to increase co-payments under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme by $1 from $3.60 to $4.60 for pensioners and by $6.20 from $22.40 to $28.60 for everyone else.

Opposition finance spokesman Bob McMullan said the backflip was needed to ensure badly needed funds flowed into the health sector."

"Cameron Thompson (LP, Qld) said the PBS needed to be managed in an affective manner and the government had been doing that.

"Eventually economic reality has got to catch up with everyone ever the Labor Party," he said.

"Economic management is the core of running a good economy like Australia. We have been doing very well and enjoying the benefits of that. Unless we face up to the need, not only across the board but in individual cases like the PBS, then there is no future. You have got to manage it effectively and the Labor Party is finally catching on."

Warren Entsch (LP, Qld) said there needed to be further scrutiny of Labor's planned spending to show where they were planning to get the money from.

"The first real policy he (Opposition Leader Mark Latham ) tried to develop was superannuation and I think there was only a hole of something like $8 billion," he said."

What ever happened to that superannuation policy anyway? It seems that MarkyMark's stuff ups disappear quite quickly from media scrutiny.

Peter(the Pine Nut) Garrett seems to have disappeared from sight too. I think that maybe his parachute opened a little too close to the ground and that he is now damaged goods.

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