Thursday, November 18, 2004

Back soon

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Work beckons at the moment.
I'll be back in early December.

Love you'se all.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Pickle Me Grandmother!

Sorry for the light blogging of late. It can be explained by two words. "Euphoria".
I've spent a bit of time just reading lately and it has been quite interesting. This morning I thought I would check out a few lefty blogs for their thoughts on Mr Bushs' victory. Most didn't have much(intelligent) to say but I noticed that there is still a lot of angst regarding John Howards win.
According to such luminaries as Darp, it was another "stolen election" made possible by underhanded people posing as greens who tricked everybody into voting Liberal. Check the how to vote cards here and make your own mind up.
I left this comment on Darps site:
Darp, I just had a look at your friend Mirandas' web site. It clearly shows an image of the how to vote card that she was handing out. Do you REALLY think that this constitutes "fakie Greens How to votes"?
It is quite clearly a Liberal HTV. Again, your excuses turn out to be nothing more than the pathetic rantings of a serial loser. If you truly think green voters mistakenly voted Liberal because of these HTV cards then you are more of a goose than I originally thought. Maybe you understand the stupidity of your own mob better than I?
Calling your communist party "The Greens" doesn't give you carte blanche on environmental issues. This is the bit you haven't figured out yet. Most people ARE sympathetic to genuine environmental issues but they also understand that communism won't fix it.
Your arguments grow more shrill and thin every day. Thanks again for the entertainment.

To which I got this classic reply:

Those HTV's were not meant to dupe EDUCATED Greens voters, they were meant to dupe well-meaning but politically niaeve voters who "kind of like the Greens cos they're eh"

Ie, people who wouldn't know the difference between Labor and Liberal or people who don't know the Canberra is the capital city of this country.

If she wasn't trying to dupe potential Greens voters, why was she saying stuff like this as she handed out her HTV?

'Vote for a Green Australia' ...or 'Voting Green?'

Hmmmmm...and don't knock Gibbo's blog -It's like Kingswood Country online. TED BULLPIT LIVES - IN CYBERSPACE!

Now it all makes sense. It's all about stupid people again. The ones who didn't know who they wanted to vote for and were tricked by the evil and ugly Miranda. If only Darp could convince more stupid people to vote for the greens then the world would be a better place! This, from the same idiot who handed out How To Vote cards for Andrew Wilkie. Ha ha ha. I notice Mr Wilkie has been erased from the greens web site like he never existed. Beautiful.

Anyway, I'm off to give Neville the tastefully decorative concrete aboriginal another coat of Berger Breeze after which I'll take Gay Akubra and Repco Lad for a walk. Leave your money on the fridge darp.