Thursday, August 05, 2004

The world According To Gibbo. Part 1of thousands

Put the kettle on folks, this could be a big one. I haven’t posted here for a couple of weeks. I’ve had business, work & family commitments galore and to be quite honest, I just haven’t been bothered. Anyway… here we go again.

Before we go too far, I would like to introduce a new symbol. <*> This symbol is hereby known as “Does Not Necessarily Equal” as in “Theory <*> Fact” and “Time Spent <*> Experience”. Get it? It just saves a lot of typing and serves the purpose of this discussion. Now that we have that established we can get on with it.

It is only relatively recently that I have become concerned about political and social issues. I suppose it’s one of the traits of getting older. The older I get though, the less tolerant I am of those who hold particular viewpoints because they might be fashionable. For some bizarre reason it has become fashionable over my lifetime to be part of a group that I will loosely call “The Looney Left” side of politics. The reason that I find this position bizarre is largely due to the type of person who is likely to be spouting this crap. It is all well and good to see some rabid, left-wing unionist slogging away on a building site somewhere. They have always been part of our culture. The ones that shit me are the new crop. The “Champagne Socialists” The well paid academics that think that YOU should work in a bicycle factory. The well paid teachers who only manage to work 40 weeks a year, who think YOU should give your ¼ acre over to the indigenous community or that you don’t need to spell as long as you understand “the violence inherent in the system” and can rage against the machine. The well paid journalists who think that Iraq was better off under Saddam and that it’s only torture if Americans do it. There are some common threads through this group. Firstly, they are all espousing theories that none of them would ever live by. They just think YOU should be doing it. Secondly, they are generally quite well off and often in the employ of the government(taxpayer). This is where my symbol comes in:
Theory <*> Fact.

Socialism/Communism is a THEORY that has simply never worked in practice. Not once, ever. Those of you who are tempted to contradict me on this point should consider the following. If you can name me one country where communism is working, then my first question to you is, why don’t YOU live there? Simple as that. If there is a place better than this one, then why aren’t you there? Maybe you don’t really have the courage of your convictions?
You see, communism is a great theory as long as it stays in the realm of theory and while it is being supported by a capitalist system. While you are living the high life on a government wage, working 40 weeks a year, it’s all well and good to have your theories on how us plebs should live.
I might be dumb but I like to think that I look at the facts before taking a position. Name me one communist country that is having trouble with illegal immigrants. Coming in that is, not trying to escape. How many people cop a bullet in the back escaping from Australia? How many Australians part with their life savings to climb aboard a leaky, death trap and set sail for Cuba. How many Australians land on the shores of China each year? It’s not a big number folks.

Socialism/Communism is one of the most demeaning things that humans inflict upon each other. It is elitist and fascist in the extreme. To reduce human beings to a commodity which exists purely to serve “The State” is abhorrent to me. In my world “The State” is strong and prosperous when its’ citizens are strong and prosperous. Not the other way around. It really is as simple as that folks.
Next time that you pick up the paper, or turn on the tele & some elitist goose is telling you that we will reduce unemployment by whacking tax increases onto evil businesses, or that that you should be sorry for what someone the same skin colour as you did to someone the same skin colour as them 200 years ago, tell them this. When you give your land back, I’ll consider it. When you move to Cuba, I’ll consider it. When you sell your car & house and move into a low environmental impact yurt, then I’ll consider it. When you give up your government job & work 50 hours a week in the bicycle factory, I’ll consider it. When you trade your Armani suit in on a nice industrial grey number with matching cap, I’ll consider it. When you increase your taxes to pay for “green collar” jobs, I’ll consider it. Until then, shut-up. You are too stupid to understand how stupid you are.


Anonymous said...

I like your style. I don't like the amount of time between posts. More, please.

Cheers, CB

Anonymous said...

I get it. I really do. You're a waste of space with limited intelligence. So much so that you can't distinguish Communism from Socialism. There are several social democracies that are working fine. Can you spell "Sweden"? And I would love to go live there and leave Australia. But it's not that easy tiger. You can't just front up and ask to be a citizen. Lots of people tried that in Australia, and they're in detention centres in South Australia. But thanks for the good idea. Really. You're awfully clever, and that idea would've nearly worked for me.

I also think it ironic that you guys chubb up over capitalism, yet your hero John Howard taxes us as if we were living in a Socialist country. Only here's the kicker - we don't get the services that a place like Sweden gets. You guys are getting screwed just as much as we lefties are. We're just smart enough to come in from the rain. Now that you're getting on a bit, try the whole wisdom thing. Ignorance in unbecoming. Also, try visiting a place like Sweden. You might just catch a glimpse of what you're missing out on.

Your pillar of strength,

Gibbo said...

Andrew, thank you for your enlightening comments.
Could you please explain to me, bearing in mind my limited intelligence,
1. What is the difference between socialism & communism? To me it's like the difference between lung cancer and heart disease. Both will fuck you up. Only the method differs.
2. What is a Socialist Democracy? Is it possibly a capitalist democracy with a good health system?
3. What are the hurdles stopping you from moving to Sweden. I was not suggesting a leaky boat. Maybe a trip to their consulate and a nice civilised plane ride.
Maybe a slight lacking of conviction eh?

Those who front up here by the correct channels do not end up in detention centres. We actually let them in you know. I know this because I married one. Those who choose to break the law as their first experience with Aus will go in though. We do also accept genuine refugees(quite rightly). Just not the ones who have been through six other countries before arriving & then lie through their teeth when they get here. "I think I'm from Iraq. No, hang on, Iran. No, wait a minute, Pakistan."

The point to my rant seems to have evaded you. It is this. Do not listen to the bleatings of people "who know what is best for you" if they do not follow their own advice. Simple really. Even for those with limited intelligence. It is easy for millionaire socialists like Phillip Adams to think that it's good for us but not for them.

As far as John Howards' tax policies... I think you must be very, very young or maybe suffering from a memory loss condition if you don't remember what the last few Labor goverments did for us. Absolute incompetence!
I am glad though, that there are no more children living in poverty. Didn't that end about 1990?

I may be a lot of things but in essence I am a realist. Theories <*> facts!

Send me a note from Sweden & let me know how you are getting on.
If it works for you, I'll consider it.

Korgmeister said...

Andrew: Purchasing Power Parity of the average United States citizen: 37,500
Purchasing Power Parity of the average Australian Citizen: 28,290
Purchasing Power Parity of the average Sweedish Citizen: 26,620


In real terms, we're nearly 10% better off than Sweeden, the world's best example of socialism in action.

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Now lets look at the poverty stats -
it's called the big picture!

Korgmeister said...

*checks article* Gotcha. OK, Sweeden takes care of it's poor people very well. If that's how you define greatness, then indeed, Sweeden is the better society.

However, that would be moving the goal posts and last time I checked we are NOT playing Calvinball. Nice try, Andrew.

We have defined a society by how great it is at generating wealth, then I'm afraid that us Aussies (and our good friends, the US) have Sweeden comprehensively beaten.

Go home, child.

Korgmeister said...

Some more interesting little facts.

This report:
defines the poverty line as being less than 50% of median household income.

According to that report, Sweeden has the world's lowest levels of poverty.

However, as we have also seen from the world bank figures, Sweeden's per capita income is a fair bit less than ours.

What do these two things mean?

It means not many people are earning much more than median income in Sweeden. A triumph of the mediocre.

Bleh, they are welcome to it. But if you try to turn Australia into that, I'll oppose you every step of the way.

Anonymous said...

Hey Andrew? Bought that plane ticket yet? Revoked your citizenship? Applied for an immigration visa? No? Then you know what to do ole matey. Have a nice cup of shut the fuck up!

Anonymous said...

communism seems to have worked in china. jesus.....imagine a population of one billion living under the leadership of the lying rodent, we've already got the highest youth suicide rate in the world, imagine, with one billion constituents, what howard could manage then

Anonymous said...

I may be 10 years late in responding to lefty Andrew. By now I imagine you have grown up a little and realize that Communist China is not exactly paradise for anyone except the billionaires and the party boys. That is what happens when the party controls life for you. some will get ahead by their connections to the mao-boys and the rest are asbestos and smog fodder.