Tuesday, August 31, 2004

No new LeviesTaxes

Day One, Mistake One.

Knacker Lacker says no new taxes, but apparently levies are different. "What's the difference?" you ask. I'll let Mr Latham explain.
"There are levies and there are taxes, and I think economists have got clear definitions of the two and I think that's all established in economic theory and practice,"
??????????????????????????????? Please explain!


MelbLefty said...

Well Howard has throughout the last eight years defended a whole raft of what he's implemented but called "levies" as "levies but not taxes".

Rather hypocritical of him to change his mind now.

Gibbo said...

That's the whole point Jeremy. The ALP has continually bagged the government for using levies that are really taxes. You can't scream when they do it and then do it yourself without looking like a goose.

writer said...

Of course the press is totally ignoring it - and who's in the headlines now? Oh, it's our old mate Scrafton, since Galt's been discredited.

Meanwhile, Crean says Labour will release its tax policy when it wants to.

Arrogant bastard.


MelbLefty said...

Oh yeah, but distinguishing between them yourself for 8 years and then suddenly saying they're the same DOESN'T make you a goose?

If Howard's got away with it for eight years, then Latham's entitled to use the same definitions in his policy.

Gibbo said...

Again, you seem to have missed the point.
If it was wrong for the Libs to call a tax a levy, then it is wrong for the ALP to do it. Simple really!