Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Finally, someone is doing their homework.

I was absolutely heartened today by the story that someone else other than me had gone to the trouble of actually reading the shit that passes for Greens policy. It managed to make the front page of the Herald Sun under the Headline "Greens policy backs illegal drugs" I have been telling everyone I know to actually take the time to read their various policies. They truly are barking moonbats. They comment on just about everything and yet almost always never suffer any scrutiny of themselves. They are passed off as caring, sharing people yet their policies are truly ridiculous. Dig this:

"The Greens manifesto backs official supply of the dangerous drug ecstasy as well as state-sanctioned heroin and marijuana sales at what it calls appropriate venues."


* LAWS to force people to ride bicycles more often and eat less meat.
* DRIVING farmers from their land.
* MEDICARE funding for sex-change operations.
* CAPITAL gains tax on the most expensive family homes.
* AN OPEN door policy on asylum seekers.
plus many more... including my personal favourite, "Green Collar Jobs"

Here is where I get serious folks. These idiots are making a determined effort to win a controlling block in the Senate. Make no mistake folks, this would be an absolute disaster for most Australians. These people have nothing to do whatsoever with a responsible environmental movement. They are quite simply radical communists and anarchists who want to grab power. Don't let the whackiest 6% of our population have a controlling say in parliament. Do your patriotic duty and dump the Greens, Democrats, Shooters Party, Lesbian Fisherpersons For Christ, Marijuana Party and all the rest.

Understand this. An Independant politician is usually just some whacky headed idiot that couldn't get party backing.

Lets have the balls this time to elect a government with enough of a majority that they can actually govern. If they are shit, we will kick 'em out, simple.
Those who have read my rantings know which way I lean. I am voting for Pat Farmer and I hope that John Howards' Government is re-elected. If this is not to be, then elect Mark Latham with a majority and let him go. We live in a democracy and I'm willing to live by the wishes of the majority.

I am not prepared, however, to be held to ransom by a couple of wingnuts who speak for so few.

Tell everyone you meet. "Make your mind up. Labor or Liberal. No third choice"

Make sure that they understand that if they vote green, their vote is probably going to go to Labour through preferences anyway. If you are going to vote for Latham anyway, cut out the middleman and vote for Latham. Don't encourage the greens along the way.
Fuck the minor parties.

Slatts has had a few words to say too.

By the way. Take the time to look over the greens policies. This is no conspiracy folks. You can't make up shit that stupid. The scary part is that some of them believe it. The more scrutiny the better.


MelbLefty said...

Really, Gibbo. If their policies are so loopy why isn't your quote actually of their policies? You don't quote their policies, you quote the Hun's filthy lies about them.

Where precisely do they state that they will implement, for example:
LAWS to force people to ride bicycles more often and eat less meat.
DRIVING farmers from their land.
Go on. You've repeated McManus' insane claims. Back 'em up.

Gibbo said...

It's on its way Jeremy. I have been re-reading their "policies" today and have worn out two highlighters already. The Herald Sun are being kind. There is plenty of ammo in there.
I use the term "policy" loosely though. It is nothing more than a wish-list. There is not one costed policy anywhere. Not one!
While I am only part way through, I can answer the bicycle one for you already.
Page 1 & 2 of the transport Policy contains the following:
1.7 "favouring walking, cycling and public transport as the preferred modes of passenger transport"
2.2 "Reduce car ownership and use for urban commuting..."
3.6 "increase the proportion of bicycle trips to 20% by 2010"

Now, these are either policies which they plan to enforce or they are just a wish list. Which is it?

One more before I go... the words "funding increase" appear on almost every page of every policy yet there is absolutely no information as regards how these things are to be paid for. Maybe you could tell me?

MelbLefty said...

Hey, maybe it's with those taxes you're bagging them for proposing introducing!

If they're just interested in spending, then why mention increasing taxes?

And as for the bike one - how is encouraging bicycle use (and there are plenty of positive ways of doing it) the same as ENFORCING bicycle use? C'mon. Is your criticism of the Greens so weak that you have to massively exaggerate and overstate whatever they propose in order to actually have something to attack?

It's misleading when the Hun does it, and it's misleading when you do it.

Gibbo said...

Jeremy, I didn't mention tax increases. I just asked how all of the "funding increases" were going to be funded. Do you have an answer?

On the bicycle bit:
Show me were I said "ENFORCING"
The policy clearly states a figure of 20%. I simply asked whether this was a policy, which presumably would be actioned and enforced to use your words, or it is a wish-list. You can't have it both ways.

It's also misleading when you do it too!

Alan Green said...

Gee whiz, Gibbo.

As you recommended, I went and read the transport policy myself:


The transport policy sets a target for non-car trips, but doesn't say much about how they plan to achieve it, beyond some (admittedly bleeding-edge) urban planning practices, and some vague hand-waving such as "favouring" and "encouraging."

But they don't say "FORCE." Not in that document. If they say so somewhere else, you should let us all know.

There's plenty to disagree with in actual, real, stated Greens' policy, without making stuff up. Looking forward to seeing what you and your high-lighters found.

Anonymous said...

Don't do anything other than vote liberal or labor eh, gibbo?
That's good advice. Really helpful. How do you think we got into this mess to start with? Two major parties with no real discernable difference between the two of them. The political equivilant of 'Today tonight' verusus 'A current affair'. The greatest inhibitor to our democracy has been the entrenched two-party westminister system.

MelbLefty said...

LAWS to force people to ride bicycles more often and eat less meat.This is where the word "force" is used.

"Force" and "encouraging" are completely different. The former is the act of a totalitarian state; the latter can be achieved with better facilities, subsidies, other forms of positive encouragement.

You know, like everything else the government does to enact policy. You don't describe Howard's policies which encourage people to buy 4WDs (the tax discount for 4WDs) as "forcing" people to buy 4WDs, do you?

And you ask where the funding's going to come from; obviously it's going to come from taxes. Der.

C'mon, guys, admit that the Hun article was a contemptible beat-up and filled largely with lies. Yeah, sure there was some truth - the Greens DO want to create equality for gay and lesbian people, for example. (And why shouldn't they?) But the extremist stuff was complete bullshit. It was a hatchet job, and you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting it.

Gibbo said...

Sorry Anonymous, the greatest inhibitor to democracy that this country has has been apathy. Quite simply, most folks don't give a shit! I admit to this myself. I whinge like crazy when a politician does something I don't like but up until recently I have never actually participated in making things better.
I always tell my kids that you don't have the right to complain unless you're prepared to contribute. To this end, I have made two important decisions recently. I am going to join a political party I am going to join the P&C. Hopefully I can make a positive contribution to both.
If you truly want democracy then more people have to participate. Voting for nut jobs does nothing for democracy. They are generally "squeaky wheels" who are desperate to get their snouts in the trough.
Independants very rarely contribute anything positive. They are usually just obstructionists looking for 15 minutes of fame.
Brain harradine was a perfect example. He didn't give two shits about Australia's best interests when he was holding the Government hostage over Telstra. The greens are the same. They have NEVER voted for a goverment bill. They simply are there for their own benefit and to fulfill their elitist ambitions.
Participate and make the system better. Don't vote for obstructionists.

Gibbo said...

Jeremy, I have answered your comments on the main page.