Friday, July 16, 2004

Labors' Dirt Unit

Busted! Those sly pricks at the ALP have been caught out with their own dirt unit.

"A SYDNEY public relations firm with links to the Labor Party has taken responsibility for a contentious website critical of Prime Minister John Howard.The website,, had been falsely registered by a group or person going by the name "ABC DEF", but has now been authorised by Manly-based Springboard Australia Pty Ltd.
Its director Tim Grau, was a policy adviser to former Queensland Labor premier Wayne Goss and a senior political and communications adviser to the Keating government attorney-general, Michael Lavarch."

After squealing like stuck pigs about non-existant dirt units, the truth finally is exposed. I don't normally resort to "language" here but... Fuckin' hypocritical cunts! Fuck off and die!
There, now that I have that off my chest, where do these mongrel bastards get off? Basically, anything that they accuse the Government of, they are probably doing themselves. They think the rest of the world is like them so if they have a dirt unit, Johnny must too.  Stands to reason, eh?
I saw the same shite out of Michael Moores gob this week too. He accuses Bush of propagating an atmosphere of fear via non-existant terrorist threats in order to prop up their immoral regime. Well.. I accuse him of exactly the same shit. The whole green/left movement is based on scaring the world into submission with lies like Global Warming etc.
A pox on them all!

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