Wednesday, August 25, 2004

My Pal Brian.

I was sitting, having a couple of quiet ones, with my pal Brian the other day watching the Olympics. The weighlifting was on and we saw this Chinese ball of muscle struggling to lift his weight. After he dropped it, I thought I saw him swear. I asked Brian what the Chinese word for "fuck!" was, as he had spent time in China and was sure to know. He thought for a minute then said " I think it's just Fuck! I think Fuck is universal."
"So they understand Fuck, eh?" I said.
"They seemed to understand it when I said it" was the answer.


ADFW said...

Say Fuck and Coke anywhere on the planet and you'll be understood.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Mandarin speakers cannot say 'fuck', since in Mandarin, a word can end only with a vowel, n or ng.

However, Cantonese is not so limiting, and they can say 'fuck'.

Ditto for 'coke' -

But "co-ca co-la" is possible juat about everywhere.