Thursday, December 09, 2004

That's not a mullet Darp, this is a MULLET

Darp thinks he has a mullet.
Sorry to dissapoint you mate but here is the real thing. Circa 1988 and complete with FuManchu moustache!
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I have a better one than this somewhere, complete with Santa Claus hat. If I find it I'll post it.

If you have a genuine 80's mullet shot, then post it on your site or send it over. Maybe we could organise a vote. Darps' mob will reckon that the vote was rigged or stolen by Mirand Airey-Fairy or something, but it might be fun


Darp said...

I concede defeat.

How can anyone top that. I'll dig up something respectable to try and match it but I don't like my chances.

Gibbo said...

What can I say? It was the 80's
You give up too easy mate. I still want to see your contributions.

Leigh said...


That's gold.

TimT said...


I have looked into the gaping chasm of hell, and verily I say to all of theee, THERE IS NO GOD!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Makes me feel young... the only mullets I've ever seen are on people who say "Eh?" and live in caravans.

Incidentally... what on EARTH is happening in the background?? Where was this thing taken???

Gibbo said...

The original photo is a bit large so I cropped it. It shows four guys sitting inside the front of a large 80's style PA system. I was a roadie for many years and when I kicked off in the early 80's, the speaker boxes were physically huge. As big as they were, we still had to squash in, hence the pose. I might post the whole image, but I'll cop shit from the other guys in the shot. They looked just as bad as I did.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I gotcher mullet. This was me circa 1990. Boo-yah!


Gibbo said...

Mate, I tip my mullet to you. You are a worthy champion.
If only I had persevered all the way to 1990. I had abandonded the cause by then to try to appear "more business like"

Well done.