Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The killing machine that is Marxism

"With the fall of the Soviet Union and communist governments in Eastern Europe,
too many have the impression that Marxism, the religion of communism, is dead.
Hardly. It is alive and well in many countries still, such as North Korea,
China, Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, a gaggle of African countries, and in the minds of
many South American political leaders. However, of most importance to the future
of democracy, communism still pollutes the thinking of a vast multitude of
Western academics and intellectuals.
Of all religions, secular and
otherwise, that of Marxism has been by far the bloodiest – bloodier than the
Catholic Inquisition, the various Catholic crusades, and the Thirty Years War
between Catholics and Protestants. In practice, Marxism has meant bloody
terrorism, deadly purges, lethal prison camps and murderous forced labor, fatal
deportations, man-made famines, extrajudicial executions and fraudulent show
trials, outright mass murder and genocide.
In total, Marxist regimes murdered nearly 110 million people from 1917 to 1987. For perspective
on this incredible toll, note that all domestic and foreign wars during the 20th
century killed around 35 million. That is, when Marxists control states, Marxism
is more deadly then all the wars of the 20th century, including World Wars I and
II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars.
And what did Marxism, this greatest of
human social experiments, achieve for its poor citizens, at this most bloody
cost in lives? Nothing positive. It left in its wake an economic, environmental,
social and cultural disaster."

Read the rest here. It should be compulsory reading.
Via Dissecting Leftism


Anonymous said...

So true... I can't stand academics who speak in terms of the "proletariat" and "rising against the bourgeoisie" (or more commonly "rising against Howard"). Don't these idiots realise what that bullshit actually did when it was put into practice?

Oh, well. An amusing collection of posters etc. to put up around your local Lenin-loving campus can be found at: http://www.protestwarrior.com/signs.php?thumb=1

Anonymous said...

Happy New Years!

Rach :)

Gibbo said...

Happy New Year Rachele.