Monday, December 06, 2004

Gibbo strikes it rich!

After all the kerfuffle lately regarding Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese and ET lookalikes in a Nutrigrain box, I thought that I would try and make a sly dollar myself.
A quick search through the pantry brought me face to face with certain riches.
The first one I found was the spitting image of Richard Neville. What do you think?
Image Hosted by

If this wasn't great enough by itself, then I found a group photo of some of the "special" folks that hang around in Richards' comments section.

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Then folks, the topper of all toppers!
May I present: Kerry Nettle, Bob Brown, Andrew Wilkie and Peter Garrett.

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I'm justing popping in to eBay now to list them. Man, I can see the dollars rolling in now!


Anonymous said...

gees gibbo! go easy on dick's disciples! in the words of the caring professions they're 'special needs' people...

Anonymous said...

Man, that's some funny shit. The pic of Nettle and Brown should be on their bio page at the Parliament website. Green Fruit Loops! How appropriate!

Gibbo said...

I tell you, it never ends. When I looked into the bottom of the box, most of the ALP caucus was there!

Tony.T said...

Twiggy ... err ... Gibbo, were you ever in The Royle Family?

Gibbo said...

Tony, I can neither confirm nor deny that rumour.

paul said...

I looked in a packet of Coco Pops and saw a whole bunch that looked like ATSIC commissioners, but none of them looked like Michael Mansel or Geoff Clarke. However, a sugar frostie was a dead ringer.