Sunday, December 19, 2004

Plenty of gas Rachele!

Rachele, one of the lurkers at Crazy Dicks thinks I may have "run out of gas".

No, there is plenty of gas Rachele. As someone else said in the comments at Crazy Dick's, It is a bit like picking on kids in wheelchairs debating with your lot.
For those of you who aren't familiar with Rachele, here is just a sample.

"Personally, even though I sometimes dont understand what he's trying to say, for the most part, I agree with him."

"I never said his writings must be true. Perhaps he may never have said anything which has yet come true... but have you? Does simply doing nothing make you right"

"The Greens aren’t communists. They are rights activists."

"The left is too far right for me anyway. I want no part of it"

"HOw do you know that the world is out side when you shut all the doors and close the curtains...."

"your opnions and retalliations are perfect examples of juevenille behaviour"

"I'm pretty sure the point was shitty capitalism and people dying while people just like you sit back and scratch their arses eating McDonalds"

"What is so scary about the idea of communism and peace?"

"I would point out an example of a 'communist country in which I would like to live, if there were ever such a thing, but so far there has not yet been a country which has truly prescribed to the communist ideology."

"So you’re a sad old man eh? Beer swilling nationalistic, child rearing, typical aussie bloke…" [I love this one. Child rearing is apparently now a problem, Gibbo]

"Overwhelming amounts of people seem to think that anarchy is chaos, when in fact; this does not have to be the case. If the individuals of a society have a common sense of moral order, then anarchy is possible. Perhaps this is not the perfect system of goverment (or lack there of) in our society, but if you take a post modern perspective on things, all ideas have faults, and there is no right and wrong, because it is suggested that there is fundamental truth"

"I would like to argue that communism has never been fully implemented as a system of government"

I have to include a classic reply from Fred:
"Still, have to love commies who hate evil rich capitalists,and sit typing away on Wintels ( Or do you use a steam powered, enviromentally friendly, recycled bean tin running a copy of Linux Red Hat 5 which you nicked from a computer mag in the waiting room at the CES)."

Rachele, when you develop an original thought, or even a coherent one, we might try again. Until then, keep working on that list of Crazy Dick's prophecies. I haven't seen it yet.
By the way, if your site is supposed to be a porn one, show a bit more tit. If it isn't then knock off the fake erotica shit and improve the quality of your argument.

The final word should go to Rachele though. This from her site:
"I always assumed that people who had live journals had something profound to say, and yet I"m finding I lack the inspiration for such profound comments... perhaps I should shut up.
So I'm thinking of going to a fancy dress party as a cat..."


ntk said...

"By the way, if your site is supposed to be a porn one, show a bit more tit. If it isn't then knock off the fake erotica shit and improve the quality of your argument."

LOL agreed mate. I hate that hands-on-tits and leg-in-way sort of shit.

BTW anyone with a livejournal is a whining limp-wristed sad-as-fuck loser (as anyone can ascertain from reading as many livejournals as you can put up with).

paul said...

What d'ya reckon Rachie is majoring in- I'll bet it's not spelling, grammar and punctuation. I'd wager "The importance of airhead flibbertygibbet bimbos to leftist revolutionary thought, and should ageing,decrepit pinko academics get a leg-over with said strumpets in oder to sling them a B+ for their inane braying." A course widely available at Australian tertiary institutions.

Anonymous said...

Oh how lovely... Really that bored are you? A whole blog post about me.

So you want to talk quality argument do you?

If that’s the case, Since when do fake erotica and improved argument have any place in the same sentence, or was that just a swipe to throw people off the point and to get them to laugh at your lame jokes.

I would really like to think that someone of your age might have progressed since schooling in terms of insults and humor, but obviously not. Go kick that footy mate.

Gibbo said...

Hey, you're the one with the "soft focus, dreamy look" stuff not me. Are they out of focus on purpose or couldn't your mate hold the camera still and bat off at the same time?
Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

To quote Gibbo, aka Bogger the Blogger, "It is a bit like picking on kids in wheelchairs debating with your lot". Judging by your attitude you would know pal, I bet you've got a garage full of wheelchairs that you steal every time you lose an argument.

And by the way Gibbo, your whole 'lefties all want to be dictators' bullshit reveals you to be politically and historically illiterate. I suppose being right-wing means you want to be a Pinochet or Suharto. That said, I bet you wouldn't mind being one of their goons, with all the teenage dissidents first in your sights. Your courage does you credit.

Do tell Gibbo are you a brickie or are you a brick?

Have a fine new year brother


Gibbo said...

Ooooh Rick. I'm feelin' the lurve!

You're a glass half empty person aren't you.

EvilPundit said...

I'm thinking Rick's a "head half empty" person myself.

Anonymous said...

And ‘soft focus equals’ masturbation now, does it?

Perhaps your dreams look like that… I bet your children aren’t far off my age, you dirty old man.

Of course all of those comments you quoted me on make me look stupid, but I’m sure if I quoted you out of context, I could make you look like a right old electro shock therapy casualty.

As for why I haven’t shown you a bunch of Richards predictions, Well, simply, they don’t interest me. I’m really only interested in the stuff he wrote about in the 60s and 70’s which had little to do with futurism.

I may have shit typing and spelling, so what? I’m a product of public schooling under a liberal government… the same government you avidly support…

But what is your excuse for most of the one sided, ‘look a distraction’ arguments you put forward?

Merry Chirstmas to you too, receive any coal?


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