Thursday, May 06, 2004

Socialism. The last bastion of the bludger!

This today from Paul & Carls blog.
(empasis is mine)

"That's why people like Cox love socialism so much- despite their overwhelming mediocrity, they are elevated to a position of influence and a better than adequate income by regulation and legislation; in the real world, Eva would be doing well to score a gig mucking out the dunnies at a Megaplex.

There is something almost childlike in the belief still held by some that government and public funding is the answer; one dingbat started to waffle about "the sophistication of the electorate wanting a mix of tax cuts and better services" which to me is as sophisticated as a cargo cult; one of the CIS boyos hit the nail on the head when he said "taxation has increased and services have decreased- government thinks you fix this by taxing more and persuing proven failure."

A blind reliance on government to me is like never growing up and leaving home- mum and dad will look after it for me; someone show me anything in the way of a government program that has achieved what it set out to, ever had it's budget reduced in real terms due to efficiencies and actually reduced the number of people dependant on said program, I guarantee to eat a bucketful.

The converse of course is that I believe government at every level finds it comfortable to have a sizable part of the population dependant on its largesse'; after all, if virtually everyone looked after their own affairs, where's the need for a growing army of bureaucrats and politicians? Where also is the incentive for the power-hungry and greedy to seek to slither into public office when there's not much money and less influence in it?"

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