Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Smartest Words To Ever Come Out Of These Mouths.

...and this is from his friends!!!

"I am sick and tired of hearing about Mark Latham, a professional politician all his life, who has never been on a normal job, who, because he lives in Campbelltown is able to pull a cloak of working class respectability around himself for the bullshit he goes on with. It is outrageous, he has never had to battle to pay his MasterCard or mortgage." Doug Cameron AMWU Secretary

"Well, I'd say that his (Latham's) ideas and policies are maverick and deformed. I think that they have very little substance behind them." Tony Sheldon TWU NSW Secretary.

"Mark Latham is a bright bloke, but sometimes the brightest of blokes can come up with the dumbest of ideas." Kevin Rudd

"I wanted talent and teamwork (on the front bench). The teamwork question was not in doubt with anyone else. It was with Mark." Simon Crean

"We don't always agree with Mark Latham. He's said some very silly things about trade unions and a few other things in recent times. So I wouldn't take anything that Mark says as being a reflection of the position of the ALP." Michael Costa

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