Tuesday, May 04, 2004

A comment on our public school system

I found this today via Paul & Carls site.
"The sad reality is that Australian schools, especially those controlled by government, have suffered a range of educational fads that have led to a politically correct and dumbed-down education system.
In relation to teaching civics and citizenship, for example, a 1998 federally funded survey showed that 60 per cent of parents expressed "concern that teachers are either not well-enough trained or professional enough to teach this program [civics] without bias".
The flaws in Australia's outcomes-based approach to curriculum are manifold. As a result of adopting such fads as whole language, where students are taught to "look and guess" and to work out the meaning of words from their context, generations of students, especially boys, are placed at risk.

As a result of fuzzy maths, where primary students are allowed to use calculators and where basic algorithms such as long division are no longer taught, many students are unable to do mental arithmetic or to recite their times tables. The very skills most needed if students are to master higher order thinking.

Teaching history has also suffered. As a result of the culture wars, not only is the focus on teaching politically correct values and beliefs, especially in areas such as multiculturalism, the environment, feminism and the class war, but many students leave school with a fragmented and superficial knowledge of the past.

Paul put it like this....
"but whi do I nede to lern 2 spell wen I no al abowt the dreemtime and the inherent evil in the dominant paradime?"

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