Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Backflip Boy Part 1 of many. Free Trade.

I generally hate the terms "Backflip" and "Flipflop" as they are used these days. It implies that someone should ALWAYS hold a static position on any given topic no matter what new circumstances may arise. However....... Our friend Mad Dog Latham is heading for the title of "Back Flip Boy".

Try these choice cuts (more to come).

Free Trade.
Supports it: "Tariffs and other forms of protection are the economic equivalent of racism. They encourage Australians to think poorly of people from other countries and to believe that we would be better off isolated from the rest of the world."
Opposes it: "Speaking in the heart of the motor industry, in Adelaide, Mr Latham said he opposed the proposed cut in car tariffs from 15 per cent to 5 per cent without a thorough review."
Supports it again: "Labor may abandon its opposition to a free trade deal with the United States after party leader Mark Latham today argued an inquiry may find it is in Australia's national interest."
Opposes it again:"If we were asked to vote on it today or in the parliament tomorrow we would be opposing it," said Labor leader Mark Latham. "It is not a free-trade agreement at all, it's a partial trade agreement that from our assessment this morning is not in Australia's interest."

More as I find it.

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