Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Hows this for stupid!!

I stumbled across this pile of tripe today.

The Left, the Anti-war movement, socialists and all progressive minded individuals should use ANZAC day as a next step toward stopping the spread of right-wing propaganda and kill this retch of public holiday once and for all!
ANZAC day must be considered in the same spirit as INVASION day. It is a stain on our society. It is a sinister, destructive and irrelevant excuse for weak minded individuals to rally around their imperialist flag, remember how they have committed MURDER for queen and country and protected a corrupt and decrepit capitalist regime to enable more workers to be exploited, killed and abused.

In order to FIGHT and SHUT DOWN the cultural nuisance that is ANZAC Day, we must develop a range of protest tactics which MUST be used to disrupt ANZAC day to the fullest extent possible!

Burn the Australian flag, the British flag and the US flag. Burn them anywhere in public. They are a symbol of the capitalist, pro-war, anti-worker corruption. Wherever you see an Australian flag, tear it down and set it alight.

Throw PLENTY of marbles, golf balls, beeds, ball-bearings and batteries onto the streets during their “parade”. Make the bastards fall down! Stop their war machine and their “defence” of the indefensible!
etc, etc..."

Call in there & let them know what SANE people think of this crap.
I noticed that the gutless pieces of shit didn't bother turning up as planned. Worried that the old men might belt the shit out of you huh?

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