Thursday, April 15, 2004

Well Put!

This from The Bulletin
"Recent events in New Vietnam (formerly known as Iraq) have thrilled those whom for whatever perverse reasons wish to see liberation fail. We're currently at a strange warp in history where the blood-guzzling, bomb-launching, baby-eating pro-war Right craves peace, while the cuddly, thoughtful, useless Left seizes delightedly on tales of mutilation and mayhem to boost their case that the invasion should never have taken place. Reminder to the cuddly: there was no peace in Iraq before the invasion. There was tyranny. As The Guardian's David Aaronovitch wrote last week, after listing various failings of the West in dealing with Iraq: "Of all the things we have done, the invasion may be bloody appalling, but it is the least bloody appalling thing of all. And the only thing that has offered hope." Meanwhile, the extreme Left's only hope is for more deaths. "

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