Thursday, April 15, 2004

The Similarities of Vietnam and Iraq

"Some politicians (especially ones with brobdingnagian heads) have been comparing the war in Iraq to the war in Vietnam, and, since politicians are smart, this must be taken seriously. Here are some of the similarities I have identified:

* Both Vietnam and Iraq have an 'i' in them.

* Both are foreign countries.

* Both wars were opposed by stupid, smelly hippies.

* Both wars were supported and then opposed by John Kerry.

Those are some striking similarities. So, if the war is like Vietnam, what did we learn from Vietnam? Well, what we learned from Vietnam is that, if you lose a war like Vietnam, forever after people will question future wars by saying they are like Vietnam. Think about how things would be different if we decisively won Vietnam; then, someone not liking a war would say, "We're going to get bogged down in this war like... well... no other war in American history." And no one would listen to that person.

Moral: Win your g'damn wars."

Found at IMAO

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