Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Turning Point.

John Howards' Tasmanian forestry policy was, for my money, the turning point of the election. I finally feel confident that Howard will win. Latham was outmanouvered brilliantly and now stands to actually lose what were some reasonably safe seats in Tas.

It was the "Young Bull Vs Old Bull" cliche all over. Howard hints a few weeks ago that he will do something in Tas that might even get him Green preferences! This was never going to happen & he knew it. This forced Latham to react and react he did. It showed his inexperience in being forced to spend $800mill and piss the unions off at the same time. The greens were never going to preference the Libs. Latham should have shut his mouth, said nothing and he would have achieved the result he needed. Instead, he has spent the last few days panicing and screaming out for Howard to show his policy. Howard, wisely, did virtually nothing and managed to make the front page of todays Tele being feted as a hero by the foresty workers. Sheer brilliance!

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This is the first time that I have really felt confident in tipping a win to the Libs. I am even going as far as tipping them with an increased majority.

Add to this ABC news going into its' shrillest mode. Music to my ears. Panic has set in big time!


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