Monday, October 04, 2004

Entrenched Perceptions

This today from the moaner.
Today's Herald Poll finds voters are persuaded that Howard has been more
responsible in his election spending promises than Latham, by 42 per cent to
This is false, but it illustrates the power of entrenched perceptions.
Australians have long believed that the conservatives are better economic

I'm glad I found out that my perceptions were entrenched! It is completely beyond the lefties to admit that they simply have no idea. Idiots!


Anonymous said...

The market says that interest rates are not going to rise much whoever gets in -- and they're lower in the futures market further out than in the near term.

Interest rates when Howard was treasurer were horrific, but he was subject to the same external factors that affect all politicians of all colours, so I don't see his continuation of office as a guraantee that they will rise to his former levels.


Alan Green said...

Good to see you still posting, Gibbo.

How do *you* judge which party is being more responsible?

Gibbo said...

Johno, Al,
I maybe didn't explain my point so well. My post was not a comment on spending responsibility. It was a post about how the left leaning press deals with issues that don't follow its official party line. The contributors to the poll are simply dismissed as having "entrenched perceptions". No thought is given at all to the view that the pollees(is that a word?) could be right. They just say "This is false". They provide no comment or backing as to why this is false. It is just false!

As to who has been the most responsible... Well, I've not been terribly happy with the spending spree of either side but my views(entrenched perceptions) are well known and I would like to see the Libs returned. Overall,(and election campaigns aside) I think that the Libs are much better managers.

Alan Green said...

I can see why you say the article was biased, but in fairness to the SMH:

1) They had compared and contrasted spending promises by Liberal and Labor for quite a few weeks. "This is false" is a fair summary of the facts and analysis they had provided previously.

2) The perception "that conservatives are better economic managers" is entrenched. Whether the perception deserves entrenchment is matter for debate.

3) This was clearly an analysis piece, a valid forum for expressing an opinion.

The SMH is generally to the left of the present government, but tend to report facts fairly straight. In contrast, the Daily Telegraph mingles its opinion right into the real news - with headlines like "Money Grows On Trees" to describe Labor's forestry policy. Is that OK?