Monday, October 11, 2004

As good as it gets.

What a weekend!
Pub with Brian. Actually pulled money OUT of a pokie! Walked out with a bit more than I walked in with after paying for many beers. Top night.

Got up early to vote and look smugly at greens HTV people. Unfortunately the green lady didn't offer me a card so I didn't get to reject her and look smug. Never mind.
Pulled weeds out of the garden under a glorious clear blue sky.
Played my drums for a while, whilst watching Bathurst on the tele. Cracked a beer.
Had pizza for dinner and sat down to watch every moment of the election coverage. Cracked a few more beers. Things go well from the start and the "Westie with one teste" is smashed. Greens lose their only seat and are rendered (more)useless in the senate. One or two more beers then off to bed with an ear-to-ear grin.

Up early for Bathurst breakfast at Brians. Bacon & eggs taste better when someone else cooks. Crack first beer as green flag drops. Many beers..... Finally, a Ford fan turns up that we can put shit on. Thanks Dave.
Snags on the barbie for lunch. More beers... Holden wins!!!!!!! More beers.
Gibbo junior takes a wicket and a great catch to help Camden beat Picton. Whoohoo.
Australia beats India.
One more beer.
Off to bed still grinning.

Does the sky look a bit clearer today?

It doesn't get much better!

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