Monday, March 01, 2004

Todays Bible Study.

From my sister:
I think the site needs a more spiritual aspect to it to really attract attention. I recommend a daily Bible verse to counter any bullshit that Alan Jones may have sprouted that morning.
The establishment of a cult linked to website could also be a good money spinner.

Anyway... I don't know about daily but here goes todays.

The Mens Prayer.
Our Beer
which art in bottles
hallowed be thy sport
thy will be drunk
I will be drunk
at home as is in the pub
give us each day our daily stubbies
and forgive us our spillage
as we forgive those who spillest against us
and lead us not into the practice of wine tasting
and deliver us from tequila
for mine is the bitter
the chicks and the footy
for ever and ever

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