Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The District Reporter is Crap Part 1.

From the front page of this weeks District Reporter comes this weeks dose of spin doctoring. a wonderful good news story entitled "For the good of the party - ALP drops its councillors"
" The Australian Labor Party has stopped a mayor and six of its Labor councillors from seeking another term in office by selecting a field of new candidates for the Liverpool local government elections on March 27"
Can you believe this shit? The ALP council of George Paciullo has been one of the most corrupt and incompetent councils in Australias history. The Oasis project is only one of their many achievments. They finally and reluctantly get around to chucking a couple of them out and the District Reporter manages to turn it into a front page, good news story for the ALP. Couple this with the other front page story about how the Macarthur Health Services problems are now all John Brogdens fault (which I will go into next), and we have some of the most biased reporting that I have seen for quite a while.
This crap really makes me sick. I understand that Australias media is very biased to the left but come on folks, this is getting silly.
Dig this... "The partys decision to announce a fresh team of candidates makes eminent sense." Mr Paciullo said. "It has acted wisely and in the best interests of not only itself but Liverpool too."
PUUUUUUKE!!!!!!!!!! Pass the sawdust please.
How you have stayed out of jail simply defies logic.
Meanwhile, The District reporter will take its' rightful place in my home. In the cats' tray.

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