Thursday, March 04, 2004

Dr Mike Approaches Uppercut Status

After my rant the other day regarding Dr Mike Freelanders' comments in this weeks "Gastric Reporter", I was soundly taken to task by my wife. She said I was being unfair to a really nice man who was probably being misquoted by evil newspaper people. There was simply no way that this wonderful man would really seek to further politicise this issue by re-directing his anger to the state opposition. After a "robust" discussion I was willing to admit that I had probably over reacted. We have had cause to use Dr Mikes services a few times over the years and have found him to be an absolute angel. A genuine caring man, no question. I toddled off to dinner feeling somewhat chastened by my apparent hot-headedness. When we returned, this weeks Macarthur Chronical was in the driveway. It had various articles regarding the Macarthur "health crisis" which I will comment on shortly but in the letters to the editor I found this (reproduced in full).
"Don't forget Libs' record
I am writing to you because I am concerned about the editorial which fails to understand what problems the politicisation of our health system has caused.
I am really proud of our pediatric unit, the resources we have accrued over the years and the care given. Nevertheless we have been subjected to ill-informed and inappropriate criticism and have not been able to respond.
There have been dramatic improvements in services accross-theboard over the last few years in Macarthur health, even before this recent publicity.
Of course informed criticism is welcome, but much of the criticism has been ill-informed, personal and destructive.
The comments of the so-called whistleblowers have been accepted at face value without any objectivity. John Brogden has peoples distress for political gain. You should remember that the Liberal Partys' record in providing services to south western Sydney, including health services, transport services and Department of Community Services, is less than exemplary.
Mike Freelander
Pediatrician, Camden and Campbelltown

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that I've had a quick vomit, let me address your letter Dr Mike.
The thing that really shits me about all of this is your absolute silence on any of these very important issues up until now when your only criticism is of the opposition for calling for an enquiry. Thats the kicker isn't it Mike. Someone has dared to question YOUR judgement regarding the death of a young baby and now you've got the shits and its' all John Brogdens fault.

A quick timeline.
Bob Carr runs our areas' health system into the ground over successive years and you say nothing.
Bob Carr opens a birthing unit that by your own admission is not needed, funded properly or resourced properly. Nothing more than a pre-election stunt and you say nothing.
Two bogus whistleblowers spew their acidic crap on the world and you say nothing, for months!
John Brogden calls for an inquiry and off we go. John's a bastard and its all his fault.
Give me a break.
As I said in my earlier rant, this whole issue could have been stopped in its' tracks months ago if you or your colleagues had simply spoken up when it all began.
Dr Mike, if you want to be a doctor then be a doctor. If you want to be a politician then have the balls to put your name forward for election. Until then, keep your political opinions to yourself. You have no idea the damage that you are causing yourself and your good colleagues by doing exactly what you accuse John Brodgen of. Politicising this issue.
Finally we have an opposition that may hold the Carr government to account for its' mismanagement and all you can do is bitch.
Shutup mate! You are not helping.

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