Sunday, February 29, 2004

We Squeaked Home By 1.
Man, what a game. Parramatta got home by 1 point in a great game of footy last night. The only thing more entertaining than the game was the parochial Wests crowd. Both teams played quite well for this early in the season & I was particularly happy with our defence which seems to have improved. Now all we need to do is to learn how to score a bit more often. We had far too many chances that we just didn't capitalise on. Anyway, for a team with three of its' big guns missing (Hindmarsh, Wagon & Grothe), I think we did well.
How do we survive the summer without Rugby League? Yeah, I know. We watch Cricket. I really think that Cricket & League should be year round sports. Maybe this is something that else that NackerLacker Latham can promise to fix when he becomes the Prime Mincer(Bwaa haaa haa).

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