Friday, February 20, 2004

I wish I had written this.
From The Novocastria Blog.
Who's Racist?
Take a look at this poster over at Protest Warrior. It's funny and thought provoking, and it's a neat reminder that sometimes, the worst sort of racism can come from the Left.

Well, I decided to do my own, Australian version:

White Racists, Vote for the Left!!!

- We oppose Free Trade with other countries. Keep Australian Jobs for Australian workers. Why should those dirty Pakis and greasy Wogs earn a minimum wage doing jobs for Australian companies when they could be earning nothing at all? They don't deserve a cent!

- For over fifty years, Unions have proudly supported the White Australia policy, fearful of ethnic workers willing to work for lower wages (the White Australia policy was effectively ended by the Liberal Government of Harold Holt!)

- Mandatory Detention of Illegal Immigrants: another great Labor party initiative!

- By opposing development wherever and whenever we see it, we hope to keep unsightly lower-class ethnics out of gentrified White suburbs.

- We properly recognise Aborigines as inferior, and in need of special help ie, Abstudy, Affirmative Action.

- Aborigines were made full citizens of Australia in 1962: another Liberal party mistake! Since then, however, successive Labor governments have been working to keep Aboriginal culture separate from White culture, thus denying them the many benefits of full citizenship!

- The Labor party continues to support meaningless symbolic causes like "Reconciliation" so that we will not have to do anything for the practical betterment of the blacks. That'll keep 'em in theirplace.

Well Said.

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