Friday, February 20, 2004

Aiden Ridgeway, Give Yourself an Uppercut!

The death of any child is a tragedy. No question, but the crap that has gone on in Redfern since that young boy impaled himself last week is really starting to give me the shits.
In this mornings' Silly Moaning Herald we now have this rubbish:

Australian Democrats Senator Aden Ridgeway spoke of TJ as a martyr, saying: "Let's not persecute and kill a person because they made mistakes."

For a start, nobody KILLED this kid, he was a serial criminal who was running from cops who weren't even chasing him.
Secondly, he is no matyr.

Senator Ridgeway called on police not to arrest Sunday night's rioters, saying that he was "tired of too many young [Aboriginal] people ending up in prison".

Now we have him saying that people should be arrested or let go depending on their race. Gee, I thought that racism was illegal in Australia.
Frankly, I'm tired of seeing so many young Aboriginals in jail too. Really sick of it. But this is their destiny while ever thay are listening to the idiots that pass for "Community Leaders" or "Elders". Bloody Hell, get your act together and contribute the the improvement of these kids' lives or piss off!

Community elder Kevin Smith blamed TJ's alleged crimes on European colonialism, which had replaced a "co-operative system" with a lifestyle built around "alcohol and greed".

Who are you Kevin Smith? How did you become a Community Elder? Who voted for you?
It must be awesome to be able to blame all of ones' problems on "European Colonialism"
Wake up to yourself you goose. Your people are living worse than pigs because they follow stupid idiots like you. All you have to offer them is excuse after excuse why they are downtrodden.

"It was his [Thomas's] need to survive that thrust him into circumstances he wasn't to know . . . if Christ died for all of us, TJ died for this Block."

Like I said at the start, any kids' death is a tragedy but this is just making me angrier by the day.

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