Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Salary Cap

I see that the Rugby Leagues clubs are arguing with the players(again) about raising the salary cap. With all of the rorting that has occurred in the past few years I think it might be time to make some major changes to the way it works or just plain ditch it.

If it does need to stay then what I would like to see is greater discounts given to players who stay at a club for a decent length of time. One of the most heard complaints about modern League is the influence of the large amount money that is available to players and that there seems to be little loyalty to any one particular club. By offering much larger discounts against the salary cap for long term "loyal" players might ease some of this criticism and allow players to get a decent rate of pay without resorting to "the dreaded paper bag under the table".

Just as a side issue... to all those who think Rugby League was better in the old days before all that stinking cash got involved, "the old days" are still available at your local footy oval every weekend. Get your arse down to see and support your local team, you won't regret it.

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