Monday, March 06, 2006

Gary Glitter

Good old Gary Glitter has been in the news again lately for all the wrong reasons. It brought to mind a story my brother told me which was told to him by the one and only Peter Ward. I hope I do the story justice.

Neds Atomic Dustbin

Peter was working with Gary Glitter during one of his comeback tours. After one show about half way through the tour, Gary called a meeting of the band an crew to inform them that the rest of the tour was to be cancelled. Now, quite naturally, everyone was a bit shocked at this news and were keen to know what had happened.

Gary went on to inform them that during that nights performance he had "left his body" and had floated out amongst the crowd and had, for the first time ever, seen himself perform. What he had seen though had not made him happy. He had seen himself as a silly old bastard who was too old for cavorting about the stage singing glam music. All he could see was a bloke who was well past his prime and was being laughed at. His career was over!

You can imagine the atmosphere in that meeting. It was quite sombre and you could feel the tension in the air. Everyone was worried about getting sacked half way through the tour and Gary was worried about being an embarrasing old fool. Most of them were sitting around, heads down, contemplating this terrible news.

Just then the sax player pipes up and asks:

"You know...when you left your body and floated out amongst the audience?"
"Well... how did my sax sound? Was it alright?"

At this point the room erupted into uncontrolled laughter, including Gary, and the tour was suddenly back on.

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