Monday, August 29, 2005

The NSW Liberal party is a joke!

Where do I start?
First of all I find out last week that they are standing Nola Fraser as our local candidate then I awake to the news this morning that the alternative Premier of NSW has been taking drinking lessons lessons from Andrew Bartlett. Fuck me dead folks! Do you get Fly Buys for being an idiot these days or something?

We have just withstood 10 years of Bob Carr whose greatest achievement was to make it to retirement before being sacked, and what do we step up to the plate with? Nola bloody Fraser and John "Mail Order Bride" Brogden. In the words of Howard Dean... "Aaaarrrrgggggghhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyeeeeooooowwwwaaaarrrgggghhhh"

I was going to ask what John was thinking but obviously he wasn't. Sorry John, but you are going to have to show enough balls to step down now. You have, in one fell swoop, become nothing but a liability. Day after day we see the left side of politics in this country hoping like hell for the Liberals to self destruct. They know that this is their only hope of ever being elected as they are far too hopeless to ever be elected on merit.'ve handed it to them on a plate.


Splat Guy said...

Gibbo, did you see you've become a headline in "The Age"? (Shame it had to be the Stumbler, but never mind.)

'Do you get Fly Buys for being an idiot?' (An article about blogging responses to Brogden's resignation.)

Gibbo said...

Geez... I've never been famous before. Not for anything legal anyways.
Thanks for pointing it out Splat Guy.

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The NSW Liberal party is a joke!

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