Thursday, August 25, 2005


Australia's latest political force, GetUp!, has only taken weeks to become a political farce. Liberal party reject John Hewson has reportedly resigned leaving the website as yet another Left Wing spam factory. From todays SMH:

"The group was designed to be a non-partisan political organisation focusing on issues such as industrial relations, media ownership and immigration detention centres. It was set up to appeal to people disaffected with the traditional party system.

But Liberal backbenchers, including the Sydney MP Malcolm Turnbull and the Melbourne MP Andrew Robb, denounced the group and its initial email campaign as little more than spam.

A Victorian MP and member of the parliamentary committee on electoral matters, Tony Smith, labelled it a "scam" that was "an old Labor front dressed up as a genuine movement".

What is it with these idiots and their never ending mission to re-educate the stupid people of Australia to their "approved" version of democracy? I'll give you a tip folks, we already have a democratic process. It's called an election. You lost hahahahaha!

I love the last bit though:
"Dr Hewson's resignation places the organisation in a difficult position.

The search is now on to find someone who is not aligned with either the Labor Party or the Greens to gain wider community appeal."

The key is right there folks. If you are aligned with the Labor Party or The Greens, you do NOT have "wider community appeal".

GetAHaircutAndARealJob.Com, now there's an idea for a political movement.


Splat Guy said...

I don't get why that stupid website got so much publicity in the first place, anyway. It is a website that lets you spam senators, but not much else.

Word to the wise: no one takes notice of form letters. No one.

Dan said...

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