Monday, March 14, 2005

Too much footy is hardly enough.

Well folks, the footy is back and Gibbo is in pig skin heaven. Not only did the mighty Eels win but Gibbo Junior also scored a try in his first ever rep game for Group 6.
The Eels beat the Tigers 28-12 in a scrappy game but a win is a win eh? The new half seemd to go well but there is still a long way to go. I notice that some of the tipsters have us as a real chance of making the top eight this year. I bloody hope so.

The Group 6 game was a beauty too. We played against Group 16 at Robertson Showground. It is a classic footy ground about as flat as Gibbo's stomach. Not too bad if your running down hill but a bugger if you are running up it. A well placed kick will run for half the length of the field, a tactic that our boys used to their advantage a couple of times.
We led at half time 16-10 but the Group 16 boys fought back to get to 16 all. Gibbo Junior then pounced on a loose ball and sprinted 50m to put one in under the posts. To my (very biased) eyes this was the turning point. The boys put another one in shortly after to seal it at 26-16.
Even though these guys are only 16, the skill level shown is very high and it was a quality game.

Those of you moan about the modern game of Rugby League and its' commercialism should get off your clackers and watch a local game.


funelweb said...

hey Dude,
congrats to gibbo jnr tagged at the right time hey?
anyways, i got that box of casters you're gonna need when the wheels fall off the slimey blue and golds. and didn't i tell ya before, a win against the easybeats is no win at all.

Gibbo said...

Thanks Bob, hang on to those castors mate. You may get a call later in the season!
I think next year I'm going to support "the bye". Very consistant performer.

Darp said...


I look forward to a year where every player who left Parra last year goes on to have a kick arse season. Did you see Dykes carving em up for the Sharkies? Witt doing the same for Manly?

And of course we hope that Tahu, Riddell and Morrison suffer massive form slumps.



Gibbo said...

Darp, I am humbled by your presence! I should have figured you for a bloody Manly supporter.
I did notice Mr Dykes' effort too. Bloody typical.
I tell ya what though, I'll donate $100 to the charity of your choice if the Eagles finish above the Eels in the premiership. Whadya reckon? Care to reciprocate?

harvey3 said...

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