Friday, March 11, 2005

Mac...quarie Fi...elds For...ever

This is a letter from our local paper this week. I wish I had written it.

"I feel sad for the decent residents of Macquarie Fields, shamed and terrorised by the violence in their streets.
I am also sickened by the 'poor disadvantaged people' philosophy. Thay have disadvantaged themselves: they're uneducated because they wouldn't go to school, they're poor because they're too lazy to work and too dirty to clean themselves up for job interviews.
They're not outcasts but place themselves outside laws, our morality, our humanity.
If anyone deserves their hate it is the parents who were too selfish to make them get an education, too uncaring to teach them right from wrong or to respect others, and too irresponsible to raise useful members of society.
Sadly, it is glaringly obvious that this rabid mob don't care about their own dead, they're thoroughly enjoying theexcitement and destruction, and gloating over the publicity.
I have good friends who grew up in housing commision areas. They cared enough for their kids to lead them in to good and fulfilling lives.

Name supplied but withheld.
St Andrews."

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Cap Slog said...

Hear Hear Gibbo! This is your best post yet.

I can't help but hnte, however that you have not provided anything by way of solution. There used to be a quote (one I don't agree with) that goes "If you're not part of the solution then you are part of the problem."

Can a Right Wing Gibbo suggest some actions that will resolve the sitution where violent non law abiding thugs just don't give a shit?

Gibbo said...

No simple solutions Captain. Basically we need to dismantle the welfare mentality that sees these folks believing that the world owes them a living. We also need to give some teeth back to the police. These shits do this for the same reason a dog licks its balls. Because they can.
They also show no respect at all for authority or community. I know that you and your brothers grew up in a housing commission area yet all of you have have done well for yourselves. Decent parenting I suspect. Like you, if I had come home to tell my dad that I had stolen a car and killed two of my mates, he would have dragged me by the hair to the cop shop. He wouldn't be on the news blaming "society".
I have friends and relatives that live at Mac Fields and none of them feel the need to riot. These criminals are NOT typical of the folks that live there. They are just plain bad.
This is the direct result of the socialist mentality that emerged in the late 60's.