Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Shithouse Scrubbers of the World Unite!

I left a comment recently over at Robert Corrs' site in response to his post about poster tampering.
this is it:

This is happening on an on-going basis at the Uni where I work. Anti greens
posters last about 12-24 hrs before dissappearing. Anti-Labour posters last
about 2 days.I find it amazing that the "equality loving left" feel that they
have an exclusive right to display their propaganda, but anyone else...
gooooone!If I was half the bastard that I am supposed to be, I would remove a
few posters myself. Us right wingers believe in free speech though so I'll just
leave the greeny ones alone and keep replacing the others.greens = fascists.
Free thought is not encouraged at all. This is another fine example of the
elitists knowing better then the plebs.
Posted by Gibbo at 7:21am on 14
September 2004.
In response, a charming person called Jockman left this classic:

Gibbo,"greens=facists", bitching about the elite, and you're a right winger who
works at a uni. My guess is you are not in academia. Do you by any chance scrub
shithouses or cut grass for a living?
Posted by jockman at 9:22am on 14
September 2004.

I left an answer there, but would like to publish it here too:

Jockman, sorry mate, guess again! No shithouse scrubbers here.I nearly wet my
pants laughing when I read your comment. I love the idea that I can't be an
academic because I don't vote green. Classic stuff!Thanks for once again proving
what a caring, sharing and equality loving person you are. The best thing about
this election has been the spotlight on the stupidity of the left. What if was
the "shihouse scrubber"? In your eyes my opinion wouldn't count. You prove my
point succinctly. Thanks.

The hypocrisy of these people is astounding! The public face is all cuddly koalas & save the whales but the reality is a bunch of bitter and twisted elitists. Communism with a marketing campaign.


Shithouse scrubbers of the world unite!


TimT said...

What sort of academic? Business, Science, English, Politics, Arts, Gender Studies, Department of Critical Postmodernism, the Department of Analytical Critical Postmodernism, the Michel Foucault Appreciation Faculty, or miscellaneous?

Gibbo said...

Ah Tim, I didn't actually say whether I was an academic or not. What I said was that I wasn't the shithouse scrubber or the lawn mowing dude. What I do at work is irrelevant. The idea that my opinion is only valid if I'm not the shithouse scrubber is what this post is about.
Keep guessing!

TimT said...

Yeah, I kinda sorta reread your post after I posted my comment, and I take your point.
Also read some of your other posts, including the one where you gave my old blog - - a shout. Onya, buddy! You have a fine taste in blogs, I see!

Anonymous said...

Slatts here, Gibbo. That jockstrap tool has been trolling over at my blog. Hurls abuse about a topic but won't answer pertinent questions. Using atrocious spelling, blasts me for being "not a journalist's arsehole." Appears to have inferiority problems.