Thursday, September 16, 2004

ALP Education Policy Comments

As regular readers will know, I'm no socialist. However, I am a genuine believer in the public education system. I went to a public school as do my kids and I actually work in a public university.
You know as well as I do that there are problems though, the biggest in my opinion being the evil influence of the teachers federation which is one of the most blatantly communist organisations that ever existed. Being a free enterpriser I also have no problem with people choosing to send their kids to private schools. I have friends who bust their arses to do it too.
My concern about Mark diddly ding dong Lathams' policy, is that it will now send a large amount of funding directly to the largest competitor of the public school, the local Catholic/Anglican school. This will make it easier to lower their fees and expand their schools which will in turn make it easier for the average Joe to send his kids to a private school.
I also think that by topping up public school funding it will make it more tempting for State Governments to lower their portion of funding again, making private schools more attractive.
The problem that public schools have is not one of just inadequate funding. Recent surveys have found that parents are willing to bust their arse to fund their own school expenses rather than put up with the constant political indoctrination from rabid communists. They would rather that their kids could spell than know how to rage against the machine. They would rather that their kids can add up instead of knowing about the violence inherent in the system. They would rather that their kids could be proud of our country instead of being told that we are a bunch of bigots who invaded the country.
It strikes me as strange that the very people who bitch about our public school system are the ones who do it the most damage.

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