Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ending the "Blame Game"

Stay tuned for heaps more of this folks. Over and over and over again we heard that Kevin "Earwax Muncher" Rudd was going to end the so called "blame game" and stand up to be counted for what goes on in this country. He was no longer going to hold to account blame incompetent useless bastards State Governments for slipping standards and basically being asleep at the wheel. The new ALP Government is delivering on that promise already. Instead of blaming ALP State Governments, we can now blame John Howard.

Julia "Orange Roughy" Gillard is leading the way in blaming John Howard and "a decade of neglect" on falling standards in our State run schools.

Remember that folks. When your kids can't add up to save themselves it's not because of the politicisation of our school system by rabidly socialist teachers unions, it's John Howards fault. When your kids can't spell "proply" it's not the fault of fat-arsed lazy teachers who can only manage to work 40 weeks per year, it's John Howards fault. When your kids think that movies like Rabbit Proof Fence are actually truthful documentaries it's not the fault of an ALP State Government who is totally inept, it's John Howards fault.

Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard & Co are showing what they really mean when they talk of ending the blame game. Pissweak, eh? Grow a spine Kev.


Anonymous said...

I have to admit that I am a tad scared, Gibbo Old Son. Now I have two ankle-biters floating around I will need to look into schools in a few years. What do I do, let them go off and get indoctrinated and then spend many hours de-programming them at home, or do I bite the bullet and start educating them first and make the lazy bastards at school try to shoot them down. I am particularly troubled by how to approach this. Guess I have a few years at least before I have to hand them over so I get a chance to make them pretentious little shits who actually can read and can shoot down the feeble arguments of people who got in to uni be default by studying teaching. It really is frightening, I ran in to a bloke I went to school with, who was according to general consensus, underqualified for laborotory testing as they required to have at least two independently operating nuerons. He informs me that he been a teacher for the last couple of years and in line for a deputy principal job. It really is an indictment on the State governments.

Cheers mate, Todd from Rebellion

Anonymous said...

Terry McCrann has noticed it too.,21985,23087950-36281,00.html

"But Rudd and his finance team, Treasurer Wayne Swan and Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner, had no 'budget black hole' to fall back on.

For the first time in more than a quarter century, an incoming government has found the very reverse: a budget bursting with cash.

So Rudd's substitute 'budget black hole' is the 'inflation problem' it 'inherited' from the Howard-Costello government."

As far as lies go, Krudd has told more porkies in the last 12 months, then Howard had done, in his entire political career.

Wilma said...

How about an update, Gibbo?
I miss you!

Anonymous said...

You know gibbo, it sucks that your against Kevin rudd... because he won the election! and little johnny went crawling back into his hole.... people like you waste space on the internet... please get a life

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner said...

Yoo shouldn't call'm 'useless'. What if Jesus called yoo useless? Rethink. Know. Grow-up to the Great Beyond --- Nevertheless, if the following is too irrelevant, that’s perfectly understandable; yet, Christ the King is perfectly relevant if thou knowest where thou goest. God bless.