Friday, October 05, 2007

Wayne Swan - Spineless Jellyfish

Today's Daily Telegraph hosted a wonderful little Q&A session with would-be treasurer Wayne "Spineless" Swan. It was full of searching a probing questions such as "what is your favourite colour?" and "do you prefer daisies to roses?" so I thought I'd liven it up a bit by asking actual questions. This is what I left:

Wayne, good to see you opened up with the whole “smear campaign” message. The spin doctors will be pleased you stayed on message. To the average punter though, this is simply called “scrutiny”. The ALP has promised a great deal and has yet completely failed to give any specifics on how they will be acheived. To believe you are above scrutiny and to label that scrutiny as a “smear campaign” shows the arrogance of your party.

You say that: “We already know Mr Costello doesn’t have the ticker to challenge Mr Howard for the Liberal leadership and face the Australian people at an election.” Can you please explain to me when it was exactly that Mr Rudd “had the ticker” to challenge for the leadership of the ALP? Was it that time he challenged Mr Beazley or was it that time he challenged Mr Crean. Wait, maybe it was that time he challenged crazy Mark Latham. No, none of those things happened. My recollection is that he was simply the last one standing when Beazley, Crean, Latham and again Beazley fell over. With that sort of record Mr Rudd(bury) should sign up for the Winter Olympics. To be fourth pick after Mark Latham and to somehow believe that he challenged for the leadership is simply hilarious.

On to more specific matters: “He has simply turned his back on mounting cost-of-living pressures weighing on families, particularly soaring grocery prices, petrol prices, childcare and, of course, mortgage payments, after nine straight interest rate rises on his watch.” Please tell me SPECIFICALLY how much cheaper groceries, petrol, childcare, mortgage payments will be with you as treasurer and in light of the recent ALP advertsing (on google, screenshot available if needed) that says that you will “force interest rates down”, what rate are you likely to “force them down” too? While we are at it, what will be the SPECIFIC cost of reducing emmisions by 60%. How much will Mr Garrett’s carbon taxes add to the cost of petrol and electricity?

Lastly, can you please explain to me SPECIFICALLY what an “Education Revolution” is? It sounds terrific but I can’t seem to find anyone who actually knows what it means and what it will cost.

Thanks in advance for your SPECIFIC answers.

I knew he didn't have the guts to commit himself on most of the questions but I thought he had more spine than this:

Don’t get your knickers in a twist mate.
I’ve got an idea: why not give your mates Peter and John a call, tell them to bring the election on, so we can stop losing $1 million a day of taxpayers’ money on political propaganda and let the Australian people decide??
Warm regards, Wayne

What a cock! And this peanut expects to be running our economy by December. Heaven help us!


Ross said...

Struth bruce, "WAC!" indeed. Swan's reply is supposed to be that of a politician to a potential constituent? I cringed.

But they're all like that, not a leg to stand on so they just BS and bluster their way through. I still can't believe the majority of us are falling for it. There's no way this mob of inexperienced, untalented, dishonest thugs and bints should get their hands on the country's rudder. God help us if they do.

Anonymous said...

This prick shouldn't be running a cake stall at the local school fete, let alone the economy. I am glad that I will get the opportunity to vote against the corrupt brown paper bag slinging wanker one last time before I move.

Glad to see you're back Gibbo.

Cheers, Todd

Gibbo said...

Thanks Todd, great to see you back too. I'll add you to the blogroll immediately.