Thursday, September 20, 2007

Kevin Rudd(bury) - Gutless, Cowardly and funny as hell

I had the pleasure of watching the Libs tear Kevin Rudd a new arsehole today in parliament. He has accused the Liberal "dirt unit" of "leaking" the fact that he's had some surgery about 15 years ago. Big deal! The peanut even admits to talking about his surgery years ago on TV. So much for a "leak" eh? He didn't actually have the guts to accuse anybody personally but got his hangers on to have a go on his behalf. What a gutless coward.

The funny part was when he tried to shout down Peter Costello about his leadership ambitions. "Mr Rudd hit back at the Treasurer with a scathing attack on Mr Costello's leadership aspirations, saying he had not been brave enough to challenge John Howard."[This is] arrogance unleashed by the Treasurer, the would-be prime minister of this country who has lacked courage year in year out, month in month out, to have the ticker to do anything about his heartfelt aspirations and ambition to eliminate this man," he said."

That is one of the funniest things I've ever heard. In his own tiny mind he thinks he somehow stood up and challenged for the leadership of his own party. Bullshit! Talk about revising history.

In the traditions of our great Aussie Winter Olympians, he simply was the last man standing when all those in front of him fell over. All hail Kevin Ruddbury and his gold medal leadership challenge!

Let's see... first we had Bomber Beazley, then good old Simon Crean. When they fell over did Kev get the gig? No.. they gave the job to Crazy Mark Latham. When he self destructed did Kev get the gig? No... they gave Bomber another go. When they finally realised how useless Kim was, Kev got his chance. Like the last kid standing when picking sides for a school yard football match. There stood Kev, and when no-one else could be talked into it, he got the job. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, eh? If I was the guy who was last pick after Kim, Simon and Mad Mark I wouldn't be putting it in my resume.

It looks as if he is starting to fray at the edges already and the campaign proper has not even started. Loser.

The funniest part of all this is that Julia Gillard will stab him in the back the minute she gets a chance.

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