Monday, July 23, 2007

Vote 1 - Kevin Rudd

I'm nothing if not a realist. For a while now I've been a John Howard supporter but this Kevin Rudd bloke just looks better and better every day. Let's have a quick look at just some of the major improvements that Big Kev will make once he's got his mob in power.
  • Groceries will be cheaper
  • Petrol will be cheaper
  • Interest rates will never go up again
  • There will be more child-care places
  • Housing will be more affordable
  • Productivity is going up
  • Wages are going up
  • No-one will ever be unfairly dismissed ever again.
  • Unemployment rates will go down
  • He's going to fix climate change and return us to that nice predictable climate we had when we were kids
  • He's going to withdraw our troops from Iraq, returning the place to its former glory as the "utopia of the middle east"
  • No more "skills shortages"

Let's face it... add to that list Rolling back the GST, Medicare Gold and making sure that no Australian child lives in poverty after 1990 and I think we've got our winner! Not bad for a boy who lived in a car, eh?

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Aurora said...

Nice post, Gibbo. Adding you to my blogroll. Another sane voice in OZ.