Friday, February 16, 2007

The Rugby League is almost upon us.

Ahhh... my favourite time of the year is almost upon us. Rugby League season. My beloved Eels have a bunch of new, young folk coming through and a brand new coach so top 8 is the best I'm hoping for this year. I'm not yet convinced about Finch either but I'll bite my tongue until I see him paired with Smith.

A couple of rule changes I would have like to have seen were, first, to get rid of the mongrel "Golden Point" and second to get rid of the dreaded "Double Movement".

The golden point is just plain crap. It puts our game down to the level of soccer with its' ridiculous Penalty Shootouts. Sometimes a draw is an honourable result. The only exeption might be in a Grand Final and then I'd rather a "Golden Try".

The double movement is also wrong. In my opinion, if you can reach out and get the ball over the line and ground it then it's a try. Simple as that. It's moronic that it gets you a penalty and not a try.

Whaddya reckon?

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