Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Brian Smith Gone!

Parramatta's year of woes continues today with the resignation of coach Brian Smith. Reportedly two players turned up drunk to training this week and had to be sent home. Love him or hate him, I wouldn't be happy with the effort being shown by our players lately. This is a professional sport which demands professional behaviour and turning up to training pissed does not cut it.

My mail is that this has been happening a lot and Tim Smith's name seems to get mentioned as one of the main offenders. Apparently since he signed on for the next few years, his head has grown three sizes and he hasn't spent much time out of the pub. He is consequently playing like a busted arse!

Coach Smith's time had come but he should have been shown the courtesy of an honourable exit. The players need to take a good hard look at the absolute lack of effort that they have been putting in lately and start taking some pride in their work. It's been too easy to blame the coach. Now that the excuse has been removed, we need to see some pride and some effort.

Hopefully Jason Taylor, the interim coach, can send a rocket up a few backsides and stop the embarrassment.


Tony.T said...

Wasn't Jason Taylor caught up in some boozy misbehavior a while back? If so, hesounds like just the coach.

Gibbo said...

Don't know anything about that Tony. I'll make an enquiry or two. Even so, I'm not talking about an odd night or two on the grog. What I'm hearing is that some of the players might as well get their mail redirected to the pub they're there so often.

Tony.T said...

Yeah, I'm a little hazy on it. Maybe he played up one day at the SCG