Friday, January 27, 2006

Australia Day

For the second year running we had the pleasure of spending Australia Day with a great bunch of folks over at the Patto's place. Shane & Jill put on a brilliant day, keeping us all entertained with a load of activities and sporting events as well as a great feed and a few(?) quiet ales.

Jake likes to drive the tractor.

The first activity was drinking beer, or softdrink for the kiddies, from a babies cup. Last year it was from a babies bottle but some cheating bastards bit big holes in the teats.

Jill scrutineering the skulling comp.

It's not a real Australia Day party unless it includes a bloke named Norm who drinks VB!

Australia Day isn't all sport y'know. We Aussies also like to exercise the brain sometimes too so a trivia competition was organised.

The trivia comp in full swing. Who was Australias 3rd Prime Minister anyway?

Of course it wouldn't be an authentic Aussie Day without a cricket match. Shane the curator went to a massive amount of effort in slashing preparing the pitch. Notice the nice boundary line made from the cut grass? Bloody top job.

And it wouldn't be an authentic cricket match without a streaker and a dog to interrupt play.

Jake likes to drive the tractor.

Life isn't all sport and trivia you know, sometimes you gotta take a few minutes out to shovel sausage sandwiches into your face.

Shane hard at work char grilling bits of ground up dead animal on the barbie. Just the way I like it!

After lunch it was straight back into the sporting activities. First cab off the rank was gumboot throwing. The Welsh contingent were strong all day leading to suspicions that they may have even trained on some of the events.

Clive showing the style that gave him the gumboot throwing title.

Jake likes to drive the tractor.

My favourite sporting activity was the "Aussie Race" in which you had to pull on a pair of boxer shorts & thongs then run to a tube of zinc cream, apply some to your nose, run to the next station where you had to apply tomato sauce to a pie and eat it before running to the final stop to skull some GI lime cordial. Tops!

The first heat begins.

Hows this for concentration folks? He managed to do the whole race without putting his iceblock down. An obvious star of the future here.

Kieran, the eventual winner, showing his style.

Yes Lee, you CAN look stylish with zinc all over your face!

Jake also likes to ride in the trailer.

Well, that's about it for Australia Day 2006. What a day! Thanks once again to our gracious hosts, Shane & Jill, and to all those who turned up and participated. I can't wait for next year.

Jake and Bree saying "bye-bye".

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